Types of DBS Application

As a registered body of the Disclosure & Barring Service we are able to act on your behalf as an umbrella company. Our services allow your organisation to apply for Online DBS Checks for your employees using our quick and easy to use web interface at www.crbonline.co.uk. CRBOnline.co.uk are able to offer the following services delivered by the Disclosure & Barring service using our system. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team of further information.

There are currently two types of disclosure checks offered by the CRB Online. These are the Standard and Enhanced checks. For further information on these different types of checks and to check the eligibility criteria for each please visit our disclosure types page.

Which Disclosure is right for you

CRB Online offer Standard as well as Enhanced DBS Applications. Which application depends on the applicants position. For more information on eligibility please refer to the DBS Eligibility Criteria


The Standard DBS Check searches the applicants criminal history for cautions, warnings, reprimands and convictions (both spent and unspent). This type of check can be used to aid potential employers making safer recruitment decisions based on the information contained within a disclosure certificate. Standard DBS checks may be required by certain professions for the purpose of obtaining secure access to areas of an employers work place and help ensure high levels of vigilance is maintained throughout an organisation. Employing a policy within an organisation to ensure all employees are DBS Checked can also assure your customers that your organisation maintains high standards when it comes to employing staff. Examples of the types of professions which may require a Standard Disclosure are: Security workers / Legal worker / Financial Services / Airport Workers / Contractors


The Enhanced DBS Check in addition to the Standard DBS Application searches the applicants criminal history for cautions, warnings, reprimands and convictions (both spent and unspent). It also provides local police forces with the opportunity to add any additional information which may be pertinent and relevant to an application. The Enhanced Check also allows you to select if you wish for the Child and/or Adult Barring lists to be checked. This type of check provides greater access in to criminal activity and in some sectors is a requirement. Further information on Child Barring List Checks and Adult First Checks can be found below. Examples of the types of profession which may require an Enhanced Disclosure are: Childcare / Child Education / Healthcare / Social Care. For a full list of eligible positions please visit the DBS website for further information and guidance


The Child Barring list previously known as List 99 allows organisations and services aimed at children to check if individuals have been added. If an individual has been added to the Child Barring List employment of said individual should not be permitted. Information contained within the Child Barring List database is held under the Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and is maintained by the Disclosure & Barring Service. A full Enhanced Disclosure must be requested in order that a comprehensive check of the database can be achieved.


We are able to offer the Enhanced checks with Adult First checks (formerly known as ISA First). This is a service provided by the Disclosure & Barring Service and should only be used in exceptional circumstances to allow a person to work prior to their full disclosure certificate being made available. Guidance on the application of an Adult First check is available from the Department of Health and applies to adult care services such as Domiciliary Care Providers and Nursing & Care Homes where DBS certificates are ordinarily required.