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CRB Online is a complete Online Application system designed to reduce processing time and give faster application results


Using the E-Bulk system we are able to reduce errors and produce results within as little as 24 hours

Results Snapshot

Assisting your operation is key to our application system which is why CRB Online provide an online results snapshot

Flexible Payment Options

Our finance module allows payments from clients or applicants and can be centralised for organisations with finance departments

Which DBS Application is right for you

CRB Online offer Standard as well as Enhanced DBS Applications. Which application you require for your candidates depends on the applicant’s position. For more information on eligibility please refer to the DBS Eligibility Checker here



BASE COST per application



BASE COST Per application

Admin fees: from £6.50 (excl vat) per application Registration fees: £0 Minimum Annual Fee: £0

DBS Application Frequently asked questions

E-Bulk was introduced by the Disclosure & Barring Service to facilitate a more efficient and quicker means of submitting applications. The system adopts a two way data transfer and so application results and tracking codes are also sent to CRB Online and can be accessed usually with 2-3 hours. The e-bulk system was adopted by CRB Online as it negated the need for paper forms and gave our users a quicker a easier system to use.

At CRB Online our online DBS check facility is 100% electronic. We do not send out paper application forms and therefore once we receive a fully completed application it will be sent to the DBS instantly.

The times is takes vary depending on which type of disclosure you have requested however our experience shows the following lead times apply:

Enhanced Disclosure: Up to 80% returned within 5 working days

Standard Disclosure: 99% returned within 5 working days

Note: Enhanced Disclosure applications undergo additional checks with local police forces.

Our service offers candidates and organisations the facility to log in to your account and check the progress of each submitted application. A quick and easy link to the DBS Tracking site is also available and a display of how we have processed your application is available for each application.

Once an application has been submitted to the DBS for processing it will be acknowledged and a tracking code beginning with the letter E will be issued. This tracking code can be used on the DBS tracking page to monitor the progress of your application which, whilst generally should be returned within 5 working days, it can take longer. Unfortunately we have no control over the time it takes to process applications however we do monitor any delays and we will contact the relevant authorities when necessary.

Should you encounter a problem logging in to CRB Online please use the forgotten username/password link on the login screen. This will issue a new password or username reminder to the email address registered by your sponsor.

No. Only organisations can request Standard & Enhanced DBS checks on individuals. This process involves the organisation registering as a client with an approved DBS registered body such as CRB Online. Once they have registered they will be able to add candidates who can then complete an application.

Once your application has been processed to completion you will receive your Disclosure Certificate by post to your current address as registered on your application. The DBS no longer send a certificate to the organisation requesting the disclosure however CRB Online do make a snapshot result available online. This will be made available online to the organisation requesting the disclosure prior to the paper certificate.

An Adult First check queries the barred list and returns a result prior to an application being fully completed. Some organisations may require this information to make immediate employment decisions. It should be noted that some Enhanced Disclosure Applications have been returned well within 5 working days and so this option may not be required. 

If you have any other questions regarding our services please use our support page: Support – CRB Online

Our clients say

CRB Online have been our preferred choice for DBS Applications over the last 5 years and have provided an excellent service
Recruitment Specialist
We have explored various DBS systems for our organisation and settled on CRB Online for the ease of use and value for money
Managing Director
CRB Online is very good value for money compared to some other providers and have always provided a very good service
Early Years Educator
We have used CRB Online for our DBS Applications for many years and have found their communication, system features and pricing excellent
Agency Staff Co-Ordinator

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