About Us

CRBOnline.co.uk are a registered Umbrella body of the Disclosure & Barring Service providing an industry recognised disclosure application service to all types of organisation in both the public and private sectors. Our experience spans 18 years in education & healthcare recruitment, working closely with bodies such as the CQC, UKHCA & REC. Our system is capable of processing large volumes of disclosure quickly, efficiently and securely, delivering the best service for the most competitive prices.

Our system, developed by our own in house designers and developers has been custom crafted by you, our customers, based on years of feedback. Our technical team are always on hand to turn your feedback and suggestions in to useful, practical system modifications which means we don't just talk, we can actually deliver on our promises.


  • Ebulk application submissions
  • Faster turn around times
  • Fewer submission errors
  • Online tracking facility
  • Results Snapshot
  • Online finance portal
  • No Registration or Annual Fees
" Completing the application form was quick and easy. All I needed was my driving licence, passport and  5 year address history. It took me no more than 10 minutes and my certificate arrived in the post just a few days later.

Mrs Jessica Green